June 2018

04-08.06, Activity: Art and Talent Week

14.06, Ceremony: Award Ceremony for Honor Certificate Students

14.06, Celebration for the employees who have finished their 10th and 15th year

14.06, Celebration: Awarding teachers who are leaving with a plaque

18.06, Presentation: Saint Joseph Institution Project


May 2018

03.05, Visit: The Consultant of Frere Superior, Frere Jorge Gallardo's Visit

03.05, Seminar: LÖSEV, for 9th graders

07.05, Presentation: Higher Education in Italy, for 11th graders

09.05, Unity: PTA Waffle Sale

11-12-13.05, Sport: Sport en fete

15.05, Celebration: Saint Joseph Day 

15.05, Unity: Saint Jean Baptiste de la Salle

16.05, Presentation: Career Steps, 9th, 10th, 11th graders

18.05, Ceremony: 19th of May, Remembrance of Atatürk Youth and Sports Day

21.05, Presentation: İTÜ Electronic Faculty, Prof. Serdar ÖZDOĞUZ, 11th graders, students studying scientific subjects

23.05, Presentation: University Education in France and England, 11th grade parents


April 2018

04.04, Trip: Bigli University, 11th graders

05.04, Conference: Cancer, 11th graders

09.04, Presentation: University Education in Holland, 11th graders

11.04, Unity:PTA Waffle Sale 

11.04, Conference: Protection of the Street Animals 

24.04, Celebration: 23th of April Ceremony

25.04, Competition: Science Competition


March 2018

01.03, Photoghraph: School Under the Snow From the Perspective of Halil KEFAL

05.03, Conference: He-for-She, General Manager of Sabancı Charity, Zerrin KOYUNSAĞAN, 11th graders

05.03, Presentation: Universities of England, 10th and 11th graders 

07.03, Unity:PTA Waffle Sale

08.03, Presentation: He-for-She, 9th graders

19-23.03, Activity: French Week

19.03, Ceremony: March 18th Victory of Çanakkale Ceremony

21.03, Conference: Turmepa, 10th graders

26-29.03, Activity: Literature Days

26.03, Presentation: University Exam System, Özge ALYU Bilgi University, 11th graders

27.03, Presentation: Restitution of Residence Author Mathiue Larnaudie

28.03, Presentation: University Exam Week, Özge ALYU Bilgi University, 10th and 11th graders

29.03, Presentation: He for She, preparation classes

29.03, Trip: Galatasaray University, 12th graders


February 2018

14.02, Unity: PTA Waffle Sale

22.02, Presentation: Experience Design, Yakup BAYRAK 

28.02, Seminar: Addiction, Tolga ÇAKIROĞLU, for the parents


January 2018

03.01, Presentation: Internet Law, Bahçeşehir University, Faculty of Law, Subsidiary of Dean Dr Sinan ALTUNÇ, 10th graders

04.01, Seminar: Banu FRESKO, Feed Your Brain Right, 9th graders

10.01, Unity: PTA Waffle Sale

10.01, Conversation: Tales of Lesser Asia, Fırat ÖVÜR

15-18, Activity: Media Week

15.01, Ceremony: Olympiad of Philosopy Award Ceremony

18.01, Concert: Open Night, Seyyal TANER

19.01, Ceremony: 1st Semester 1st and 2nd students Award Ceremony


December 2017

04-08.12, Science Week Activities

04.12, Conference: Higher Education in France

05.12, Frere Superior visits our school

13.12, Cake Sale: PTA Waffle Sale

14.12, Concert: Open Night, Kopuz Orchestra 

28.12, Presentation: Artificial Intelligence, Alper AYDEMİR


November 2017

01.11, Opening: Parent Center

02.11, Presentation: Reading Science Project

03.11, Blood Donation

08.11, Presentation: Education Abroad Expo, 10th graders

09.11, Concert: Open Night, Sibel KÖSE

09.11, Exhibit: You In the Wall

09.11, Conference: Kenan Çayır

10.11, Ceremony: November 10th Remembrance Day of Atatürk

22.11, Cake Sale:PTA Cake Sale

23.11, Ceremony: November 24th Teachers Day Celebration

23.11, Dinner: November 24th Teachers Day Dinner

27.11, Conference: Ömer ATALAN '89, Architectural design and Photo Realistic Visualizing, 11th graders 

29.11, Seminar: Dr. İbrahim Bilgen ,"Communication in Family" for Parents


October 2017

05.10, Presentation: "Lasalle Beauvais University", 9th graders 

11.10, Presentation: "University Education System in France", for 12th graders parents

16.10, Presentation: Sinan TULAY, "University Education System in Germany", 11th graders

18.10, Presentation:Campus France Serpil GÜN, "University Education System in France", 11 graders parents 

29.10, Ceremony in Bağdat Street: 29th October Republic Day

29.10, Ceremony in School: 29th October Republic Day

30.10, Presentation "Movie School in France", 11th grade TM students 

31.10, Cake Sale: PTA Cake Sale


September 2017

23.09, Ceremony: Awarding employees who have worked more than 15 years with bronze statuettes

25.09, Presentation: "Introductin of TEGV", 11th Graders 

27.09, Presentation: " Heart and Vein Diseases", 12th graders