January 2019

09.01, PTA Bake Sale

17.01, Open Night Collective Istanbul Concert

18.01, First Semester Highest Ranked and The Second Highest Ranked Student Award Ceremony

December 2018

 03-07.12, Science Week

11.12, Presentation: Mysticism and Literature, Preparation Classes

12.12, PTA Waffle Sale

November 2018

07.11, PTA Waffle Sale

07.11, Presentation:Study Abroad EXPO, for 10th graders

07.11, Presentation: Study Abroad EXPO, for 10th grade parents

10.11, November 10, Atatürk Comemoration Day

12.11, Visit. French Ambassador of Turkey, his Excellency Charles FRİES

13.11, Exhibit: Nuit Night Exhibit

14.11, Distribustion of Certificate to the members of IGEM

14.11, Presentation: Professions of Future

21.11, Presentation. University Exam System, Sait GÜRSOY, 12th Graders

23.11, Ceremony: 24th of November, Teachers Day

23.11, Dinner: November 24, Teachers Day

29.11, Conference: Smoking and Drug Addiction, Psychiatrist Sinem ACAR BAHADIR, 9th graders


October 2018

03.10, Presentation: University College London, 11th and 12th graders

09.10, Presentation: Unilasalle Beauvais University, 11th grade students studying scientific subjects predominantly

18.10, Open Night: Swing Night

19.10, Presentation: Campus France, 11th graders

19.10, Presentation: Campus France, 11th grade parents

24.10, PTA Waffle Sale

26.10, Blood Donation

29.10, October 29, Republic Day


September 2018

19.09, Ceremony: Veteran Day

19.09, Parent Teacher Meeting, 9th graders

20.09, Parent Teacher Meeting, preparations

25.09, Presentation: TEGV, 10th graders

26.09, Presentation: Campus France, 12th grade parents

26.09, Presentation: Campus France, 12th graders

28.09, Presentation: Canada University of British Columbia, 11th and 12th graders