1881 Birth of Mustafa Kemal Ataturk to Ali Riza and Zübeyde at Selanik.
1893 Young Mustafa enters Military Secondary School at Selanik and is given the additional name of Kemal.
1895 Mustafa Kemal enters Military Training School at Monastir.
13th March 1899 Mustafa Kemal enters War College in Istanbul.
1902 Mustafa Kemal graduates as Lieutenant, General Staff College in Istanbul.
11th January 1905 Mustafa Kemal graduates from the General Staff College with the rank of Staff Captain and is posted to the Fifth Army, based in Damascus.
October 1906 Mustafa Kemal helps to found Fatherland (Vatan) Society in Damascus.
September 1907 Mustafa Kemal is posted to Third Army at Selanik.
13th September 1911 Mustafa Kemal is posted to the General Staff in Istanbul.
25th November 1912 Mustafa Kemal is appointed  as Director of Operations.
27th October 1913 Mustafa Kemal is appointed Military Attaché in Sofia.
25th April 1915 Allied military landings at Ariburnu (Anzac Cove). Advance checked by Mustafa Kemal with his outstanding leadership of the Nineteenth Division.
1st April 1916 Mustafa Kemal is promoted General and Pasha.
31st October 1918 Mustafa Kemal takes over command of Army Group at Adana.
19th May 1919 19 May Mustafa Kemal lands in Samsun.
8th July 1919 Mustafa Kemal resigns from the army and is dismissed by the Ottoman Government.
23rd July 1919 Nationalist Congress meets in Erzurum under presidency of Mustafa Kemal. Declarations of National Pact are issued.
27th December 1919 Mustafa Kemal establishes headquarters in Ankara, with Representative Committee.
23rd April 1920 First Grand National Assembly meets in Ankara.
11th May 1920 Mustafa Kemal is condemned to death by Sultan's Government.
5th August 1921 Mustafa Kemal is given full powers as Commander-in-Chief by Grand National Assembly.
23rd August 1921 Battle of Sakarya. Turks check Greek advance before Ankara.
19th September 1921 Mustafa Kemal is given the title of “Gazi” and rank of Marshal by Grand National Assembly.
26th August 1922 Nationalist forces defeat Greeks in counter-offensive and capture Izmir, which is destroyed by fire. Turks launch final offensive against Greek forces in Anatolia; break through the following day; win decisive victory on 30 August.
1st November 1922 Mustafa Kemal proclaims abolition of Sultanate.
14th January 1923 Death of Mustafa Kemal's mother, in Izmir.
29th October 1923 Proclamation of the Turkish Republic, with Mustafa Kemal as President.
24th August 1924 Gazi Mustafa Kemal wears a hat for the first time at Sarayburnu in Istanbul.
3rd November 1928 Introduction of Latin alphabet.
12th April 1931 Foundation of Turkish Historical Society
12th July 1932 Foundation of Turkish Linguistic Society.
16th June 1934 Mustafa Kemal adopts the surname "Atatürk" which is given to him by the Turkish Parliament.
10th November 1938 The death of Mustafa Kemal “Ataturk,” the leader of the Turkish War of Independence and founder of modern-day Turkey.